Friday, February 20, 2009

Make a Referral - jump start the economy

I'm pledging to make a referral to a business I want to help as part of a national campaign to make 1000 referrals March 9-13. What a great small business stimulus plan.


  1. Hay if you would you could refer ppl to my insurance co-op. It is called The CO-OP. I started this company to help ppl earn insurance that cant normally afford it. We set it up as an mlm (which I get a lot of slack for). But, it is set up to be cheap enough so anyone can get into it. I could use the the referral. We are insurance and network marketing so ppl are really skeptical. All we want to do is help ppl. This I promise. We did not create The CO-OP to get rich or make tons of money. Although what benefits not used are payed out in cash. Well if you would check out the site you can contact me on skype @ asatterla or by email

    Arnett Satterla

  2. Arnett, Thanks for your comment. I'm only going to refer people I'm familiar with, but beyond that, I wish you good luck with your new endeavor. Please go over to the Make A Referral link and sign up. Mike...