Friday, February 20, 2009

Ten Least Acceptable Places To Ask For Twitter Followers

Visibility has to have limits. As I spend more time on Twitter, and as popularity of the service increases, I've noticed more and more people asking for followers. Haven't you? So I decided there are some places I didn't want to be solicited to follow people.

10. Classified ads or Craigslist
9. Web support surveys
8. Grocery store bulletin boards
7. Pre-printed checks
6. Bible tracts or religious pamphlets
5. Your outgoing voicemail message
4. Birthday and get well cards
3. Fitness club lockers
2. Public bathrooms
1. Sympathy cards

I'm sure you have opinions. Pass this list around or add your comments. If you comment below, heck, I may even follow you!


  1. Very funny list! I would have to agree with you on most of those! LOL

  2. Thanks. I didn't think about it but probably #11 would be a new home brochure...

  3. What about adding bills to this list?

  4. Frankly I think I'd rather people didn't ask me to follow them but that it came from a real relationship or communication that we have had and then the invite comes.

  5. Phyllis, do you mean bills I'm paying or bills I'm issuing?

    I guess it doesn't matter after I think about it. Mike...

  6. Edenchanges, I agree. I get tired of being asked to follow people too, but I expect it will be getting worse, not better, any time soon. Mike...

  7. #13 - requests to be followed in dark alleys :) @HarpArora

  8. Mike,

    Great post.

    I have been trying to figure out why my Craigslist religious surveys, that also get posted on bulletin boards, gym lockers and bathroom stalls hadn't had the traction that I had hoped for.(And, now I know why my Aunt didn't like her Birthday card)


    (keep up the great posts!)


  9. ROFL

    Ah, sadly... tactfulness is a a disappearing grace these days.