Saturday, February 7, 2009

What Fabric Is Your Life?

Have you ever considered your character as a "fabric"? Imagine every action you take being a strand of thread that you weave into the fabric of who you are. Each day, each action, each thought either adds color and strength to the fabric you're weaving or it detracts. In fact, lies, selfishness, pulling others down, any action that makes you smaller, punches a hole in your fabric. Sure, you can cut corners on your taxes. You can take shortcuts in the report you're producing. You can take a pill to try to make you sharper or improve your performance. But when you do, in place of thread, strengthening and beautifying the cloth of your character; you substitute weakness. You have compromised the quality of the fabric you are weaving.

Be careful with your actions. Each is a thread. Pick the best thread minute by minute when you make your choices. Choose to add value, benefit others, elevate performance. Choose to leave every situation better than you found it and the fabric of your life will be spectacular. What type of fabric will you weave with your life?

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